MSURFC accepts donations through PayPal. We also offer a subscription service that automatically donates a set amount every month to MSURFC. Since our club is officially a 501(c)(3) through Capital Area Rugby Foundation (CARF) and Michigan State University, all donations are tax-deductible. If you would like to donate a non-monetary asset to our club please contact VP Ronan Scott ( and President Lucas Ring ( to discuss further.

Your donations directly go to support the club through a variety of outlets.

  1. Establishing an MSURFC Endowment managed by the Alumni Executive Board
  2. Establishing a Battle For The Mitten Endowment managed by the Alumni Executive Board
  3. Decreasing annual club fees
  4. Paying for travel costs and match fees

Below there are two links:

The link below, takes you to where you can donate through the university who then can reimburse the club. 100% of this donation goes our club!

Click Here!

The yellow button is a button to the Paypal donation service. Your donation goes through CARF who then forward the funds to our club.

100% of the donation goes to our club (after PayPal fees)


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We don't play for scholarships or the glory of the big screen, we play for the love of the game and our brothers at our shoulders.